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Benefits of Soylar Candles

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Soylar Candles

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Benefits of Soylar Candles


Why Soylar Candles are superior over other candle brands.

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Fragrance Oils VS. Essential Oils
Soy VS. Palm & Paraffin

Soylar Candles are your #1 choice of truly green and sustainable soy candles. When you think about how they are made you will come to know how sustainable our soybean candles really are. Our soy candles are "green" in every sense of the word. We carry a full line of luxury soy candles made without any paraffin or other wax blends. They are made of 100% pure soy wax and we make them with the purest of plant-based essential oils and lead-free cotton/paper wicks. Our candles are lovingly hand-poured into reclaimed food jars. Our website experience allows you to fully customize your handmade candle with a choice of jars, scents, colors and scent strength. We can even add some fun candy sprinkles and glitter. We feel that reusing recycled containers has a lower impact on the planet. No fossil fuels are used in the making of ANY of our handcrafted natural candles and other products.

If we told you we only sell soy candles made with pure essential oils we would be wrong. Irene loves her soya candles! It wouldn't be possible for her to sell soy wax candles made only with essential oils, while she is burning soy candles with premium fragrance oils at home. Now that wouldn't be right, would it? That's why she also handcrafts natural scented candles made with fragrance oil scents that are safe for you and the environment. Our highly scented soy candles are maximum scented throughout the entire candle. Although fragrance oils are not considered to be a green product, we feel that all of our positive efforts more than make up for the small percentage of fragrance oil that goes into our soy candles. Needless to say, that small percentage is worth the many hours of enjoyment you will receive. Our soy candles have a relaxing glow and make a beautiful addition to any room in your home. Your home will feel warm and cozy with the ambiant candlelight and the aromas you love.

•Never any Fossil Fuels.
•Hand-poured into Re-Used and 100% Recycled Containers.
•100% All Natural Pure Soybean Wax, No Blends, No Botanical Oils or other waxes of any kind
•Vegan-Friendly, No Animal Testing on ANY ingredients, No Bee or Paraffin Ingredients.
•High Quality Soy Wax, Food & Cosmetic Grade, FDA and Kosher Certified.
•Pesticide & Herbicide-Free from domestic crops grown in the USA.
•Biodegradable - No Toxic Materials - No Carcinogens
•We do not use any kind of additives or UV inhibitors to keep candle colors from fading. Expect the natural effects of frosting to your colored candles.
•Clean Burning - 95% Cleaner Than Paraffin, Virtually Soot Free with proper maintenance.(Wick Dipping and wick trimming regularly)
•Burns Cool - Wax will never reach a scorching temperature.
•A Renewable Resource Grown in America
•Supports American Farmers, Not Foreign Oil & Big Oil Companies
•Lead-Free Cotton/Paper Wicks, Primed in Soy, no metal or lead wicks.
•Lasts up to 30%-50% Longer than Paraffin when properly maintained.
•Easy Clean Up With Just Soap & Hot Water
•Therapeutic Grade, 100% Pure Essential Oils
•Premium Fragrance Oils - Made in the USA, Fragrance oils meet strict standards, and are Phthalate-Free and free of petrochemical paraffin by-products.
•Eco-Friendly Vegetable-Based Color Dyes do not contain carcinogens and are paraffin-free. Made in the USA
•Hand Painted Lids Using Non-Toxic Water-Based Paints that are lead-free

Custom Made Soy Candles

•Hand-poured by a Work At Home Mom
•Made Fresh Upon Order!
•Your choice of colors to Match Your Decor!
•Your choice of Light, Medium or Heavily Scented (Heavily scented is also known as triple scented or maximum scented)
•Your Choice of Premium Fragrance Oils or 100% Pure Essential Oils
•Earth Friendly Dye Colors or Dye Free
It is only fair to say, that once fragrance oils and dyes are added to a soy candle, it cannot be defined as a 100% natural candle.

Dyes and fragrance are considered to be additives. Essential oils are also additives, but they are pure and natural. Essential oils are natural only if they are steam distilled or cold pressed. Essential oil absolutes are extracted with chemical solvents. We don't use absolutes in our 100% natural candles, because we feel if we are offering a line of 100% natural candles, they must be 100% natural in every way, shape or form. If a customer purchases a candle with dyes and/or fragrances they should know their candle will not be 100% natural and may produce more soot than one made unscented/dye-free.

We offer a natural line of 100% Soy Wax Candles that are made with 100% Pure Essential Oils from plants, flowers, shrubs and fruits. Most of our Essential Oils are USDA & OTCO Certified Organic. Others are sustainably wild-harvested, and a few are cultivated, but have tested negative for pesticides & organophosphate residues.

Characteristics of Soy

Soy candles have a few unique characteristics that in no way affect the way they burn. You will notice that all of our soy candle colors are soft and opaque. This is due to the solid white color of the vegetable wax. Pure Soy candles may have a lumpy or flakey appearance on the tops after they have been burned, because they are hand-poured with pure soy wax and do not have any other waxes blended in or chemicals or additives to keep them smooth. Some other candle companies' soy candles are made with soy blends with special additives and botanical oils such as palm, cottonseed or other oil, which helps them to have a smooth top. Some candle companies claim to have soy candles that are labeled as natural soy candles with 90% paraffin and only 10% soy. Our candles do not have any additives until you choose to put color, fragrance or essential oils. Soy jar candles may have wet spots inside the jar. This is due to temperature fluctuations, which cause the natural soy wax to expand and contract. Occasionally, you will notice a white residue on the top or sides. This is called "frosting," or "bloom," and is a natural characteristic of pure soy wax, chocolate and beeswax. Soy blends tend to hold their color better. We do not use soy blends of any kind, only 100% pure soy, so expect frosting of our colored candles. Some people like these characteristics, because it is proof that their candle is made with pure soy wax. Our colors may fade with time, as we do not add any UV protector to our candles. Keep your natural soybean candles away from direct sunlight to preserve the candle color. Otherwise, dye-free is a terrific and natural way to go.


All candles will leave soot, even pure soy candles. Paraffin candles are famous for sooting their jars and surrounding areas with black soot. It's what is in the soot that makes all the difference. Paraffin has 11 toxic chemicals in it with 3 known carcinogens. Lead wicks are another hazard in candles. A soy candle will also leave soot if it is not maintained and cared for properly. If you blow out a soy candle, the wick will continue to smoke and will leave black soot in the container and in your home. This can also happen if you aren't trimming your wicks. We recommend trimming your wicks to 1/8"-1/4". The soot from a soy candle is non-toxic because it is only the cotton wick that is leaving the soot. The soy vegetable oil burns clean. The best way to care for your soy candle and minimize soot is to use a wick dipper to snuff out the wick. By dipping the wick into the molten wax you are keeping the wick from smoldering. When the wick is completely snuffed out, stand the wick back up and center it in your container. Soy candles made with heavy fragrance will leave a little more soot, compared to medium, light and unscented. Large containers with large wicks will leave more soot too. The larger the wick, the more soot that will remain. Our smallest candles leave the least amount of soot, and seem to be soot-free. Those are the baby food jars, votives and tealights. If you use a long lighter and the flame touches the glass, it will leave soot on your glass container. These are based on my observations.

Do you know the candles you are burning?

Our soy wax, fragrance oils and dye colors do not have any ingredients on the CA PROP 65 list of cancer causing ingredients.

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