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We Love Customer Raves!

Felicia - Albuquerque, New Mexico My Mom, Dolores, is receiving cancer chemo treatments, and I wanted you to know how much your candles have helped her, as far as providing soothing qualities for her, during a not-so-bright time.

I use them in the bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen to get rid of odors.

She loves them! Please keep up the great work, and know that we appreciate a wonderful product. Thank you.

Kay - Baltimore, Maryland Just got my order in the mail today! I was having a rough day and you made it so much better with your thoughtfulness! Your products are amazing, and the care you put into the details of your packaging are so lovely and thoughtful! A+ thanks :)

Michele - Bellflower, California I put one of your Cinna Buns tealights in our carved pumpkin... Our house is smelling like pumpkin pie!! Yummy!! Thank you Soylar Candles!

Liz - Buena Park, California Dear Irene, thank you SO much for my candles & soap!! Everything smells FANTASTIC and I can't wait to start using my peppermint & spearmint soap!! Out of all the scents so far, I think my favorite is lemon peel - love it!! Thanks for letting me come pick up my order. I will definitely be back for more. :-)

Leila - Long Beach, California Dear Irene, thanks so much for dropping off my goodies! I appreciate that. And thank you for the lovely card. Your presentation is the best. Love the gift bag and how the X-Mas candles are wrapped, and the extra samples always make me happy. I'm really digging the Olive Oil Lotion! :) Happy Holidays!

Sara - Long Beach, California Thank You so much for donating a gift basket for our charity event on Saturday!

Jamie - Green Bay, Wisconsin "Hi Irene! I received my order today and it smells scrumptious. It was so sweet to receive a handwritten note with my package as well. I cannot think of better way to connect with your customers. Thank you very much for the peppermint & spearmint bar of soap...I am a huge mint lover! The energy you exude is positively received and I look forward to making future purchases."

Sheryl - Long Beach, California "LOVE your stuff!!! Need some more chapstick! YUMMY!"

Tammy - Frederick, Maryland "The coffee soap is amazing and feels so luxurious. Packaging is lovely. I love the fact that the business is so eco-conscience. That is so important to me! I cannot wait to try more products from your shop :0)"

Michele - Bellflower, California " I have had the benefit and pleasure of knowing Irene for years. She is so talented. Her soy candles are absolutely amazing. Recently, she pounded out 65 baby jar candles for my baby shower favors in less than a week! They were so cute. She custom made them per my specifications. I went with a baby powder scented, baby blue candl...e. They were a huge hit!

My daughter is using one of Irene's soaps... my daughter picked out the lemon grass peppermint scented one, which we picked out when we were at the new Farmers' Market on Clark/Spring. My daughter LOVES the soap, and so do I. It is so nice to wash my child with an all natural, yummy smelling, alternative to a bottle full of chemicals!"

I have also brought Irene some of my favorite candle containers and had her custom fill them with the scents and colors of my choice. It is so cool being able to pick out exactly what I want.

I love supporting and promoting her small business. She also is setting a wonderful example for her young daughter. If this is your first time purchasing from Irene, I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed; in fact, you will be amazed and pleasantly surprised at how she will exceed your expectations with her top-notch all-natural products!!

Francine - Ashland, Massachusettes I LOVE your candles and soaps - thank you for such great products : )

Rhonda - Albuquerque, New Mexico Dear Irene, I received the package yesterday. Thank you so much for sending it so quickly, and for wrapping everything so beautifully! I felt like it was my birthday when I was opening everything. :-) Thank you also for the extra items that you included in the package.

I have had a chance to try almost everything, and I really like everything that I have tried so far. The castile soap is wondeful! Though it has no added scents, it smells soooo nice, and it creates a good lather. I have tried so many natural, chemical-free soaps over the past few years, but they have irritated my skin (especially in sensitive areas). And most natural soaps don't make much lather. But your soap is very gentle and lathers well.

Thank you also for the sweet note you included in the package. It made me smile, :-) Rhonda

Brad - Columbia, South Carolina I just wanted to take the chance to tell you how great your products have been. My mother absolutely loves your candles, which is who most of my purchases are for. They have a very clean smell with almost no smoke and burn so evenly. It's amazing how much higher the quality is over name brands like Yankee candle. I told my mom I think they actually smell best after she blows them out when the wax is still liquid, the smell literally fills up her entire living room. So far Monkey Farts and Cotton Candy are her favorite. Do you have any other highly popular scents or personal favorites you would recommend? My mom also really liked the body cream it lasts even through washing the dishes which is great for her since she has very dry skin in the winter.
Thanks for the card, samples and discount coupon and I look forward to my next order.

Jennifer - Portland, Oregon "Yes! They came yesterday and are truly HEAVENLY! I am very excited for my guests to receive them.
I really was so impressed with your eco-friendliness again too - I just love your recycled business card and how the package came as a carbon free shipment! I'm so happy to have found your site! I will be a life-long customer for sure! Thank you so much!"

Patricia - Long Beach, California "Hi Irene, thank you so much for the wonderful candle. Love the soy and love the scents. I love your candles the best, out of all the soy candles I've tried. Thanks for being there :)"

Melissa - Georgetown, Texas "I am a returning customer and I just love your candles! They're the best! It is so nice to have safe candles to use around my 5 month old. Plus they always arrive very quickly. Thanks!"

Alicia - Southaven, Mississippi "I love your soy candles!!! Your fragrances are fabulous. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

Jennifer - New Suffolk, New York "Hi Irene- I thoroughly enjoyed the candles from my previous order. Not only am I a repeat customer but I ordered larger candles! I want them to last longer. Thank you for creating such a good quality, aromatic and graciously green product. Also, I should have emailed you after my first order; thank you for the extra tea light candles in my last order. I really appreciated that you included them. I look forward to smelling my new candles! Have a great day."

Paula - Long Beach, California "I burn my candles almost every night and they burn great. Very even and you can hardly tell that I've been burning them. I really like that the soy seems to burn slower than paraffin. I also like that your citronella smells better than ones I've usually bought."

Myke - Paris, Kentucky "I came home from church today to find the air in the house smelling somewhat musty and dog-like (because we have a dog). So I lit a coconut Soylar Candle and all is well again in the world." :)

Jenny - Rose Cottage, England "Greetings from Rose Cottage, England."
"We purchased some eco-friendly cloth napkins from Soylar Candles for use in our 18th century cottage in the English countryside. They go perfectly with the quaint atmosphere of the cottage, and hark back to the days when everyone had to be sensitive to the environment in which they lived. Thank you for making these available."

Karen - Laurel, Maryland "I found Soylar Candles while web searching for some candle cappers. Soylar Candles had the size I needed at a great price. I ordered them, and Irene contacted me the next day to tell me she could save me some money sending them via USPS first class mail, since they were small. I was very impressed by the way my tiny order was handled. Irene sent me some samples of her candle fragrances and I look forward to placing an order soon."

Gayle - Buffalo Grove, Illinois "I actually met Irene over the phone! She had called the company I work for, Green Earth Office Supply, to talk about her order. We hit it off right from the start and began chatting away. I had actually been looking for reusable water bottles and candles that were earth-friendly. I found them both, and a new friend all the way in California! This lady is something else. I am so impressed with Irene's dedication to, "our planet," with all of the things she does in her every day life, and in her business. She is so genuine and hard working. My first order arrived yesterday. Irene has thought of every detail to make her products unique. Every item is packaged beautifully! My daughter and I don't even want to open up anything we ordered because they are so beautifully packaged. When we opened up the box, you could just feel the items were made and sent with such care and love. It's great to know someone who considers the Earth at every detail. I look forward to more e-mails between us, more phone chats and more packages! Thank you for your dedication to our Planet Earth! You are something special, Irene!!"

Margaret, Covina, California "Love, love, love the Birthday Cake scent. It is so fragrant, and smells like a bakery. The candles have such a long burn life, and come in a variety of wonderful scents to suit most everyone. I have purchased several, and have given them away as christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and several times for bridal shower gifts. This is a solid company with a love for our environment while producing a quality product.

Kudos to Soylar Candles... Keep on creating environmentally freindly products that are so fabulous!!!"

Cristel - Long Beach, California "I love Soylar Candles! Any time I need a gift, I swing by the boutique and I am out the door in 10 min! No wandering the mall or waiting in line. Best of all I know whoever I am shopping for "WILL LOVE" their gift. Way to go Irene!"

Kimberly - Long Beach, California "The Soylar "butterscotch" candles smell so yummy, you'll want to eat them!!! Seriously, I can't believe one candle made my house smell so good and lasted for so long. I've purchased cheap and expensive candles before, but Soylar Candles have been the best penny by penny candles that I have ever bought."

Rebecca - Silver Spring, Maryland "I recently purchased candles from Soylar Candles in used baby food jars for a baby shower favor. Not only was this a perfect fit for a baby shower, it's a fun way to recycle. Everything about the purchase was great! From the customer service to the shipping to the product, I can only rave about my experience. I love that everything about the candles is environmentally friendly. I also appreciate the value and quality of the product and the responsive customer service. I purchased candles with essential oil, and I love the subtle and pure scent that fills my room when I burn one. I wholeheartedly recommend Soylar Candles for any candle purchase! Thank you again!"

Suelyn - Long Beach, California "I never thought I'd love a home made candle as much as the pricey ones I used to sell, and now I can't even light those. My soylar candles ROCK! I adore every fragrance I have tried and LOVE that they are GREEN! You can't find a better candle out there!"

Rob - Eagle Rock, California "Irene not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. She didn't mention it, but many of her labels are environmentally friendly as well - made of tree-free or 100% recycled and printed with soy-based inks. Irene is very committed to doing the right thing and making some money while doing it!"


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