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6 Pack Soy Tarts
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Our little muffin tarts are .80 ounces each, 5 ounces all together. Soy Tarts are to be used with a tart burner. Our soy tarts are made without paper cups to limit the amount of waste in the environment. Our highly scented soy tarts are loaded with twice the amount of fragrance as our highly scented candles. Wrapped in our natural plant cellophane and organic/fair trade hemp ties. The fragrance in these soy tarts lasts about five times longer than our tealights. You’ll need about 5 tealights for each highly scented soy tart, or use an electric burner. Because of the small size, you can mix and match different scents to achieve your desired fragrance. If you don't want your soy tarts highly scented you have the option to customize them light or medium.

This product is 100% natural when you order it dye-free.

Soy candles may have color fading and frosting.  Frosting and color fading do not affect the quality of the candle and is a natural occurrence.  We do not use any additives or UV inhibitors in our candles.

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Our Price:  $22.59  

Units:       6 per pack

Approximate Shipping Time-does not include transit time
7-10 business days.

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