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Soy Pillars shown in 3 sizes

Unscented Soy Pillar Candles (You Pick Size)
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Our soy pillars burn approximately 5 hours per ounce. Allow the melt pool to reach the edge, leaving 1/4" of wax around the edges. As the candle tunnels you can trim the soft wax when it is still warm with a butter knife, or allow it to tunnel and enjoy the warm glow. Use caution as these are free standing candles.  The edges will become brittle as they thin out. You can push them into the melt pool.  Place on a heat safe surface and do not allow the wax to spill over. Rotate the wick so that it melts evenly. (move the flame to the side that is not melted) 

Note *Pillars made with dyes will show frosting.  (Frosting may look like white spots or color fading.  The colors are light to medium shades)  Please understand these pillars are handmade and may show minor imperfections that will in no way affect the quality of the burn. 

99.9% Soy Wax with soy additive. The other .1% is a proprietary blend of natural vegetable oils (palm & petroleum free and 100% vegetable).


Our Price:  $20.47  

Units:       1 Pillar Candle (You Pick Size)

Approximate Shipping Time-does not include transit time
7-10 business days.

Select a color or dye-free white.
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