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Heart Candle Capper

Heart Capper
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•Made in India
•Measures: 3 1/4” Diameter
•Made of Galvanized Steel

Candle Cappers are very useful for medium to large jar candles. They make jar candles burn better with a special design that acts as an air flow regulator, which causes the candle to burn cleaner and more evenly while reducing soot. If you have a large jar candle that you didn’t let burn to the edges, or you placed it in a drafty area and it just didn’t burn right, this tool can help fix that, and save your investment. It can even help to correct the melt pool on a small jar if needed.

We recommend that you do not use a candle capper on a new candle. You will have to wait until the flame has fallen one inch from the surface, or until the flame does not reach the lid. Be careful not to touch the hot lid! Use a wick dipper to lift off the hot capper if needed.

The unique design allows fresh air to enter through the holes, while the heat escapes through the large opening in the center. This special process prevents hot and cold air from mixing and results in a more uniform burn with less carbon buildup on the jar.


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